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philosophical counselling india
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philosophical counselling india
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Training For Counselors
Counselling, and Psychotherapy
One year (two semester ) Diploma  course in Philosophical Practice ( For Philosophical Practice Diploma  a candidate will have to take up this course which is divided in two levels: Level A and Level B)
Curriculum for Level A course (Introductory course)

1. Introduction to Philosophical Practice (counselling)
(Theoretical elements of philosophical counselling)
  1. What is philosophical counselling? Why philosophical practice   (counselling)?
  2. How PC is different from other forms of counselling? (Clarification of the terms: therapy, counselling, healing, philosophical practice, philosophical praxis, psychopathology-neurosis, psychosis),). Is PC a therapy or not?
  3. What is philosophical about philosophical counselling? (Philosophizing while counselling)
  4. History of philosophical practice (counselling)
  5. Individual counselling, group counselling and counselling of organisations
  6. Qualification , competence and characteristics of a philosophical  practitioner
2. Introduction of some transformational philosophies of East and West

Patanjali’s Yoga as a therapy, Buddhist Philosophical therapy, J. Krishna Murthy, Bhakti yoga as a therapy, Hellenistic Schools-Epicurus – on happiness, anger, peace of mind( their ethical views), Socratic midwifery( some other thinkers, who’s thoughts have transformal value, may  also be discussed.  

3. Introduction of approaches to philosophical practice
  1. Critical thinking approach
  2. Socratic perspective
  3. World view approach
  4. Wisdom approach
  5. Virtue approach
4. Issues related to methods of philosophical practice (counselling)

Detailed study of critical thinking and dialogue Method (Socratic Method) will be given at this stage. (workshops will be conducted for practice of these methods)

For practical training: 15 simulated counseling sessions and at least 5 discussion sessions are required to attend by each candidate.

Suggested Readings:
  1. Ram Lahav and M.Tillmans ( 1995) : Essays on Philosophical Counselling ( Eds.); University press of America,Inc 1995
  2. Shlomit C. Schuster (1999): Philosophy Practice- An alternative to counseling and Psychotherapy; Praeger Publishers, USA
  3. Lou Marinoff(1999): Plato not Prozac; Harper Perennial, USA
  4. Peter B.Raabe (2001) : Philosophical Counseling-theory and Practice ; Praeger Publishers, USA
  5. Sharma, K.L. ( 2016); Manviya yatharth ke swara – in Hindi SPPCSH, Jaipur
  6. Sharma, K.L. ( 2019): Paridhi ke pare- in Hindi, SPPCSH, Jaipur

Curriculum for Level B course (Advanced course) of Philosophical practice

1. Basic issues of philosophical practice
  1. Human Predicaments : Human relations-I and You, Meaning of Life, Freedom, Search for authenticity (These issues should be discussed with the trainees)
  2. Wisdom, wisdom and philosophical practice
2. Methods of Philosophical Practice
(The controversy regarding method /methods of philosophical practice should also be discussed with the trainees)
  1. Contemplation – Introspection and Meditation
  2. Mindfulness technique
  3. Logic Based Therapy ( LBT)
  4. Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy (REBT)
  5. Humanistic Psychotherapy ( Client- centered  Psychotherapy)
  6. Existential Psychotherapy
  7. Logo therapy
For practical training: 15 simulated counseling sessions and at least 5 discussion sessions are required to attend by each candidate.

Suggested Books:
  • Tim Lebon ( 2007): Wise therapy- Philosophy for counselors, Sage,London
  • The foundation of Mindfulness- Satipatthana Sutt, ( 1994): Translated by Nyanasatta Thera, Buddhist Publication Society, Sri Lanka
  • Cohen, D.E. ( 2013):Theory and Practice of Logic-Based Therapy: Integrating Critical Thinking and Philosophy into Psychotherapy, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 12 Back Chapman Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2XX, UK
  • Albert Ellis (1955): Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: A Therapist’s  Guide,  2nd Edition (The Practical Therapist)
  • Irvin D. Yalom (1980): Existential Psychotherapy , USA
  • Carl R. Rogers (1951): Client-Centered Therapy, Prime Books
  • Victor E. Frankl (2006): Man’s Search for Meaning , Beacon Press, Boston
  • Morten Tolboll ( 2008): Meditation As An Art of Life- Basic Reader, E-Book
  • Philosophical Practice (Counselling) Training Course

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