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philosophical counselling india
SOCIETY FOR PHILOSOPHICAL PRAXIS, COUNSELLING AND SPIRITUAL HEALING (Registration No. 477, 2000-2001) (A Non-profit and Non-religious Society to promote Free and Creative Thinking, Social Action and Spiritual Healing)

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philosophical counselling india
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Counselling, and Psychotherapy
What is PPCSHS

Philosophical Praxis Counselling And Spiritual Healing Society, Jaipur (Registration No.477), was established in the year 2000.The main objective of this Society is not to confine philosophy to college and university classes but to connect it with the problems of the common man, to assist individual in his spiritual development, and to impart a dialogue to help man seeking answers for his moral and religious conflicts. Along with this, promotion of philosophical thinking in various fields of knowledge, such as medicine, education, business, environment and social services, and training the students of philosophy, interested in philosophical consultancy, is also one of main agendas of PPCSHS.

What is Philosophical practice (Counselling)

Philosophical Practice (counselling) is an alternative to psychotherapy and psychological counselling. Practicing philosophy in counselling may be explained as an activity of philosophising in particular settings aiming to help the person or counselee in exploration of his well-being and meaning of life by himself. It will not be out of place to mention that scientists use the empirical methods for establishing truth whereas philosophers are more concerned with conceptual clarity and self reflection.

About the Course

PPCSHS is organizing two courses on Philosophical Practice (Counselling): Level A and Level B. The third batch of the A-Level course will start on January 7, 2022, to June 25th, 2023. Total lectures will be 50 ( 35 theory and 15 simulated counseling sessions) online (2 lectures per week). The programme will focus on Introduction to Philosophical Practice (counselling), Introduction of some transformational philosophies of East and West, Introduction of approaches to philosophical practice, Issues related to methods of philosophical practice (counselling), and practical training.

Objectives of the course

    1.To bridge gap between practical needs of man and the scholastic academic philosophy
    2.Transformation of one's personal vision of the world and improvement of life not through instruction but through assistance and dialogue
    3.To promote reflective thought and acknowledge the grandeur of humble beginning
    4.To make an individual get to know himself as far as possible which in turn will place him into a position of self introspection and self understanding
    5.To promote an understanding of world's great philosophers and transformational philosophies of East and West
    6.To acknowledge life as holistic integrated and interconnected and to create an ability of inner dialogue and reflections on trivial issues of everyday life.
Philosophical Practice (Counselling) Training Course
Qualification for participants
The minimum qualification for participants to attend the course is Masters in Philosophy

Course Fee
* For Participants:- Rs 4000/- + 2000/-(Membership Fee non mandatory)

(Fee is non-refundable and the last date for depositing the fee is till 30th September 2023)

The course is online. Lectures will be held only on Saturday and Sunday every week

Note:  Seats are limited


Bank Details
Account Name: Philosophical Praxis Counselling And Spiritual Healing Society, Jaipur Pan No-AABAP3656R
Account No-674701293437
IFSC Code-ICIC0006747
MICR Code- 302229018
ICICI Bank, Rajasthan University Campus, JLN Marg, Jaipur- 302004
Fee can be deposited by DD/Cheque/Online

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