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philosophical counselling india
SOCIETY FOR PHILOSOPHICAL PRAXIS, COUNSELLING AND SPIRITUAL HEALING (Registration No. 477, 2000-2001) (A Non-profit and Non-religious Society to promote Free and Creative Thinking, Social Action and Spiritual Healing)

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philosophical counselling india
Counselling, and Psychotherapy

"We need to balance the need to do (ego) with the need to be (Spirit). In the balance, soul exists. The key to living and creating soul is to have both Spirit and our human nature equally present in our consciousness." -- Andrew Schneider

"Opening our hearts to the mystery and meaning of our suffering can bring us into God's presence. Be grateful for this opportunity." -- Mark Rosen

A spiritual approach to healing life's deepest problems

  • Become conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain
  • Identify and release the deeper emotions and fears that hold you back
  • Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility
  • Let go of resistance, anxiety, stress, depression, unhappiness and worry
  • Build self-esteem, self-confidence and serenity
  • Master the process of block busting
  • Break through inner battles of guilt and resentment

The challenges we meet in life are intentionally brought to us so we open to higher consciousness. Every block is there to help us release the personal, limited viewpoint of our personality and open to the impersonal, unlimited glory of our soul.

The meaning of life comes with knowing the greater truth of who we are. Working through problems is the only path to meaning, fulfillment and spiritual growth.

In this online course, you will LEARN HOW TO:

  • Release the fundamental fears that hold you back
  • Truly feel your feelings
  • Master the secret of self-acceptance - the key to change
  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Integrate the dualities and embrace the negatives and the positives
  • Bust blocks and spiritually heal yourself

We will help you cultivate discipline, self esteem, clear intention, awareness, understanding, clarity and spirituality by giving a course which will contain healing quotes, tips and inspirations by e-mail. Write to us for this course.

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